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taffimai ([personal profile] taffimai) wrote2009-04-29 10:05 pm


If you are going to buy Tupperware, buy it from a drag queen.

Dixie is wonderful, and I really admire her for being totally unapologetic about who she is in a tour throughout the deep south and at national tupperware conventions. The audience last night was made up of mostly older Southern white women. Not the friendliest audience ever, but she had most of them eating out of her hand by the end of the night. It was really amazing.

Though I wonder if it's what Whoopi described on the Paul O'Grady show when discussing John McCain: "Listen, here's the crazy thing. Even the staunchest Republicans? Love a great performer. They love a great performer and they will look past anything if you're good. If you're bad? They will write you up, go and get your family ... I mean it's terrible." (Here at 2:30.)

So maybe it won't change the minds of these Southern matriarchs. But it can only help and it takes a lot of guts. So buy some Tupperware, if you want it.