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Doctor Who Operated on Kanye's Mom Loses License

I was very confused for a second when I saw this headline. "But the Doctor doesn't have a medical license!"
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Today I went to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. As you can imagine there were lots of cacti! There were also hummingbirds and Chihuly glass and it was all very beautiful.

Unfortunately, I decided to do some hiking in addition to the garden trails and picked more challenging trails than was really wise. I am so damn sore.
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Me: *passing by the Easter display*
Woman: Excuse me, when is Easter?
Me: I don't know.
Woman: What do you mean, how can you not know?
Me: I'm Jewish.
Woman: And?
Me: And so I don't care about Easter?
Woman: *huffs and walks away*

ETA: Given what I was wearing today, I wonder if she thought I worked there. Hmmm.


Mar. 27th, 2009 05:24 pm
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I have bags of crap!


Mar. 25th, 2009 11:14 pm
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I think there should be a badfic meme, where everyone posts links to fic so bad it's awesome. Or at least make their Delicious "Awesome Badfic of Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooom" tags unprivate.

(Ummm. I don't have such a tag. Really. Except that I totally do.)

Icon Meme

Mar. 24th, 2009 06:59 pm
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Tell me which of my icons is:

1) Coolest.
2) Dorkiest.
3) Prettiest.
4) Ugliest.
5) Sexiest.
6) Grossest.
7) Most generic.
8) Most unusual.
9) The one you'd most like to steal.
10) The one you'd most like to delete.
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Someone needs to make a blogging client with a blue background, white font, big blinking white rectangular cursor, and which plays this as you type.
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Midnite Movie Mamacita: So Terrible, They're Terrific.

Next weekend they're featuring Shark Attack 3: Megalodon with John Barrowman. I am not going. Right?
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My new haircut Got a haircut today. I think I like it.

I also got breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast. Mmm, so good. If you're ever in Phoenix, you need to eat there.
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Apparently they got an all-cash offer yesterday too. Not looking good.


Mar. 20th, 2009 03:59 am
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It's intermission now. I love this show. And Anthony Rapp.
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Offer is in.


Mar. 19th, 2009 12:13 am
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I just saw a commercial for a company that delivers cookie bouquets. In the commercial, the narrator chirped, "Perfect for Easter, Passover, or any occasion!"

Yes, you read that right. Cookie bouquets for Passover. Goyim are brilliant sometimes.
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I think I am putting an offer in on a condo tomorrow.


Mar. 18th, 2009 02:41 am
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Saw Twilight on the plane. That was ... awful. It's like they took Buffy, removed all the charm and wit, and made a movie.
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Okay, it looks like the travel tips are a go. I'll start outlining and posting bits and pieces. Anything in particular anyone wants covered first?

Also, I was in the airport today and was trying to figure out why people were wearing sparkly green necklaces. Then I figured it out. Then I realized that I am wearing a green shirt! Total coincidence or my subconscious at work, what do you think?
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I was curious ...

[Poll #1367085]
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Some background: A significant number of Torchwood authors are currently posting a few hundred words a day of longer stories. This has the effect of making their stories into huge sprawling epics which, when cross-posted all over the place, EAT MY FLIST. Beyond the effect on my friendslist, I find that the teeny tiny parts make it very difficult for me to get into the story and make my reading experience feel choppy and disjointed.

This weekend the mods at one of the Torchwood communities asked that authors please try to post more substantial parts. This caused moaning and wringing of hands and leaving of the community and standing up for their principles and general wankiness.

All of it inspired me to make this post.

Here are the things I look at when deciding whether to read a story, more or less in order of importance:

1) The characters. Is my OTC in the story? Currently, this means Jack Harkness.
2) The author. Is it an author I know and whose work I generally enjoy? If it's a writer I trust with my time, I will always give their work a chance.
3) The summary. Does it look especially interesting or look like it might hit any of my bullet proof fic kinks? For example, if the story is Jack hurt/comfort or my OT3 or Jack/Suzie I will nearly always read it.
4) The header formatting. Does it contain all the standard information? Does it use a standard format, with no strange colors, bolded content, etc. Are there grammatical or spelling errors? I have found that a writer who understands fandom conventions and/or has researched them is far more likely to produce high-quality work. And of course, a well-formatted header usually means that the story will be formatted in such a way that it is readable. I don't think I need to explain the grammar and spelling criteria.
5) The beta reader: Is the author using a beta? Is it a beta with whom I am familiar and whose taste level I trust?
6) The word count: Is the word count appropriate to the type of story/formatting? If it is described as a drabble, it is 100 words? If it is listed as a story chapter, is it at least 1,000 words?
7) The number of parts: Is the total number of parts listed? Is it reasonable? With some notable exceptions, I have found that higher quality stories tend to have a number of parts that is below twenty and that the better writers usually know how many parts the story will be. Even if it changes during posting to accommodate changes, the fact that the author is willing to put a total chapter count on a story implies the existence of a story draft or a detailed outline.
8) The graphics: Do the icon and story header (if applicable) show good taste?

Please understand, I do not expect writers to cater to my tastes or other readers to use the above criteria to determine whether to click on a cut tag. This is just how I make my decisions. I'm curious whether other people do this and if so if their standards are similar.
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Okay, house hunting has been very frustrating. The market has gone down in DC, but still not enough for me to get my ideal place. I really need to decide what I'm willing to compromise on: size, condition, location, or price.

Is anyone familiar with Greenbelt and willing to share their experiences?
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